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"Thanks to Ohana's experienced team, we delivered a groundbreaking solution to Lottie customers at speed and scale, generated revenue, and stayed focused on our mission.”

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We find where your GTM will fail and we fix it.

Ohana Competitive Advantage The right tools and team to drive rapid growth.


Discovery & Metrics

We dig deep to reveal critical areas of weakness and establish milestones to create the change needed.

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Predictable Growth

We put in place a high performance revenue engine that drives growth.

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Operators Network

Vetted On-demand Talent

We provide flexible engagement with vetted growth experts from the Ohana Network.

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Experienced operators building sustainable revenue.

An on-demand network of elite tech experts deployed precisely when and where you need them.

Eelco van Maaren

Founder and CEO

20+ years of Revenue Experience + Leadership

Building high performance revenue engines tailored to the startup’s unique buying experience ensuring reliability and predictability in support of revenue goals.

Stella Hall

Partner and Strategic Marketing Advisor

16+ years of Marketing Experience + Leadership

Stella is a dynamic tech marketer, team builder, and enterprise strategist with a passion for design-think and innovation.

Ilya Dreytser

Partner, Engineering & Product

20+ years of Engineering Experience + Leadership

Ensure the usability and stability of the technology that supports your revenue goals.

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Ronita Mondal

Partner, Sales & Product GTM

Drive Scalable Customer Centric Outcomes

She has worked across all continents and brings 15+ years of experiences in scaling sales, policy and product GTM in high growth environment.

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Denise Costa

Partner and Sales Enablement

Building High-Performance Sales Orgs

Creates the training, processes and environment to support the growth and retention of your sales organization turning it into a super high performance sales org.

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Jason Carrico

Sales Execution

20+ Years Sales Experience + Tactical Sales Training and Execution

Cooperatively executing sales strategies to help you gain insights & customers.

Drive continuous growth with a high-performance revenue engine.

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